The guy looked like jealous from Yang and you can questioned the girl personal relationship with Blake

The guy looked like jealous from Yang and you can questioned the girl personal relationship with Blake

While they battled, he controlled the girl emotionally and you can played for her flaws. He railed at the woman about how precisely their destiny were to transform the nation together with her and assured one to she’d try to escape again, yet not up until immediately after she sustained on her betrayal. The competition ended having your beheading Blake’s clone.

In the “Needed Lose”, Adam demonstrated an undesirable fixation having revenge towards Blake as he bought Corsac and you may Fennec Albain to have the woman taken to him live and her mothers would be to be assassinated. Although not, he was unaware one Blake had expected this new pitfall placed because of the their captors and you may managed to stay away from her or him and you can cut the girl parents.

Into the “Downfall”, Adam was happy to see Blake apparently change herself to help you your however, is actually later on angered when she along with her comrades foiled his agreements to have destroying Retreat. He assaulted their during the frustration, only to getting clobbered in the back of his head. Inside the “Haven’s Destiny”, Adam attempted to frighten Blake by using their anxiety about him however, to no avail as she got clearly received more him. Once the short term fight, Adam escaped to try to attract Blake and you will Sunshine Wukong away and take her or him down once they was indeed alone, but Blake with ease spotted through his plan.

Adopting the Competition out-of Retreat, into the “Argus Limited”, Adam’s hatred and fixation to have Blake increased healthier. He disliked it an individual mentioned Blake’s label, and this lead to him slaughtering their kept followers through to his get back to Light Fang headquarters.

He ultimately cornered their atop brand new Argus radar tower from inside the “Stealing on the Elderly” and specifically charged the woman to have his ruination. Because the challenge goes outside of the tower and you may to your forest less than, Adam vowed not to help Blake refrain again. Just like the one or two fought, Adam verbally mistreated Blake, contacting the girl a coward having powering away from him and you may telling this lady that when she had merely “behaved”, their current strategies wouldn’t be necessary. Immediately following sharing their scarred face to Blake, the guy stated that nobody harm your for example she did.

Within the “Seeing Red”, whenever Blake says she will stay by Yang, he reminded the lady you to she generated a vow to him so you’re able to stand by the his front and you can she Asian Sites dating sites never leftover the lady term. And that just resulted in Yang mocking Adam, inquiring if the Blake actually assured your or even the person Adam was pretending as, believing that he was psychologically influencing the woman making the lady envision he had been yet another types of people than just the guy really was. Later, Adam is overrun immediately after Blake and you can Yang managed to impale him.

Because viewed during his combat Yang, Adam highlighted effective frustration and even jealousy toward Yang as he required to know what Blake spotted in her own, implying that Adam himself wasn’t more Blake and then he still harbored thoughts on her behalf even with his hatred.

Yang Xiao Long

The guy provoked Yang to your fighting your by the stabbing Blake within her tummy. Whenever Yang hurried your, he easily cut the lady correct case, following went in to complete the occupations. Although not, Blake’s disturbance stopped him out of eliminating Yang.

When Yang is actually heard calling away to have Blake, Adam informed Blake that he would focus on Yang within his goal so you can damage everything you Blake treasured

More than a year later, Yang averted him regarding killing Blake because of the powering your more having the lady motorcycle, following reputation just before your. When she vowed to hang your out-of, the guy agreed without a doubt, seriously interested in doing what he started in the Beacon. After a quick race, Yang cautioned him to exit her or him getting. But Adam titled the lady bluff, insinuating she was scared to help you die securing Blake. From inside the “Viewing Yellow”, during their challenge, Adam remaining taunting the woman in the the lady tips regarding the Battle out-of Beacon. Yang believed that Adam mentally controlled Blake therefore she’d consider he was a unique version of individual. He was unable to manage their anger, as he didn’t discover Yang made use of their semblance to soak up his personal, much to help you their wonder and you may nightmare. After Yang disposed of their firearm, Adam try overloaded once she and you can Blake managed to impale your.